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Dispatches from the front lines of modern work

Using Stakeholder Meetings to Align Your Product Team

Building a product is hard work, especially when you’re building with a team. If you ensure that your product team is aligned from the start, you’ll have a b...

Keanan KoppenhaverTeam Communication

Avoiding Bad Meetings and What to Do When You’re in One

There are a lot of ways that meetings can go wrong. If you find a meeting is becoming unproductive, take a breath and use these tips to steer your team back ...

Veronica StorkTeam Communication

What to Do When You Have Too Many Meetings

Meetings are essential for enabling collaboration, creativity, and fostering relationships. But having too many meetings kills productivity, drains morale, a...

Tanaka MutakwaTeam Communication

5 Types of Meetings Remote Teams Need

For teams making the transition to remote work, one of the biggest challenges is communicating effectively. Meetings are often the main channel for sharing i...

Julie ChipkoTeam Communication

The Five Agile Meetings Explained

Learn how the five key agile meetings improve collaboration and productivity on your team.

Sabine WojcieszakTeam Communication

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