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Dispatches from the front lines of modern work

Measuring Engineering Team Performance

Traditional metrics used to judge engineering team performance are easy to game, especially when they're focused on outputs vs. outcomes. Learn which metrics...

Jonathan NapitupuluLeadership & Management

Five 5-Minute Team-Building Activities for Remote Teams

Fostering a sense of camaraderie and team spirit with fun and easy team-building activities helps boost morale, create friendly bonds between teammates, and ...

Sundeep TekiPeople & Culture

A Leader’s Role in Setting and Meeting Team Goals

Team goals can be motivational, provide insight into how your processes are performing, foster collaboration and innovation, and ensure that everyone’s work ...

Sabine WojcieszakTeam Communication

The Scrum Ceremonies Used by Agile Teams

Learn how the scrum ceremonies help agile teams plan, work, and communicate efficiently.

Sheekha SinghTeam Communication

Distributed Agile: Tips and Best Practices for Global Teams

A distributed team enables you to draw from a much larger talent pool but can come with some challenges, especially in an Agile environment. Use these tips t...

Rabo James BatureProductivity

Scrum Estimation: Tips for Improving Engineering Estimates

Accurate estimation is critical for managing project timelines and stakeholder expectations. Yet many teams struggle to do it effectively. Use these tips to ...

Nikhila JainProductivity

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