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Useful dispatches for building better teams.

Transitioning from Support to Product Management - Lessons Learned

Thinking about making the jump from a Support role to a Product one? Hear about the lessons learned from someone that took the leap.

Michael KarampalasLeadership & Management

Announcing: Our New Google Calendar Integration

Use our Google Calendar integration to easily share your meeting activity

Michael KarampalasTeam Communication , Product Updates

Case Study: JouwWeb

JouwWeb is a free and easy website creation and hosting platform that makes it possible for anyone to have a professional website.

Case Studies

Use Mood Tracking to Increase Team Empathy

Use Mood Tracking to increase empathy, understanding, and to spark important conversations within your team.

Michael KarampalasTeam Communication , Product Updates

Configuring Status Hero for Teams with Large Time Zone Gaps

Configure Status Hero to collect check-ins at the end of the day and send summaries at the beginning of the following day for optimal communication between t...

Michael KarampalasTeam Communication

Time to Think

To accomplish something meaningful, you must fight back against constant distractions and get into a state of deep work.

Michael KarampalasProductivity & Estimation

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