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Status Hero featured in the new Slack App Directory

Product Updates

Status Hero featured in the new Slack App Directory

The folks at Slack have been pretty busy lately. In addition to adding a slew of new features, they’ve revamped their APIs and launched a brand new application directory. Since Status Hero is tightly integrated with existing team communication tools and platforms like Slack, last...

January 4, 2021 2 minute read

People and places, not time zones and offsets

Leadership & Management

People and places, not time zones and offsets

Do you work in a command control center with a bank of analog clocks covering the south wall, each with an official looking placard designating which far-flung city it’s assigned to? Neither do I. But I still need the data, and most likely you do too,...

November 24, 2020 4 minute read

Productivity & Estimation

Top Reasons Why Your Projects Fail (and How to Fix Them)

When you embark on a new project, everything seems possible, doesn’t it? The project will be completed on time, maybe even under budget, and you will finally be recognized as the hero that you are. Except that’s not what happens. In reality, you’re two weeks...

September 28, 2020 5 minute read

Top 8 Strategies to Refocus Your Team

Leadership & Management

Top 8 Strategies to Refocus Your Team

Is your team losing focus? Scope creep, unavoidable setbacks, personnel changes, and general burnout can slow productivity to a grinding halt or, worse, derail your team altogether. As a manager, it’s not enough to manage the project, you must also manage your team members. How...

September 14, 2020 5 minute read

Secrets for Creating a Positive, Engaged Work Culture

Leadership & Management

Secrets for Creating a Positive, Engaged Work Culture

Uh oh, sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays. Remember that line from the iconic movie Office Space? This should jog your memory or maybe even introduce you to one of the greatest movies ever created. Okay, enough of my gushing. If you...

August 17, 2020 6 minute read

Team Communication

Killer Strategies to Improve Team Communication

Wanna knock ‘em dead? Nothing’s more killer than effective communication within your team. Unfortunately, many teams still rely on a combination of largely unproductive (and equally boring) meetings, communicating through cluttered inboxes and chat messages, and praying that everyone is reading each other’s minds. But...

August 10, 2020 7 minute read

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