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Mission Control for Modern Work

Connect your team to their work and each other with smart check-ins, live goals & OKRs, and unifying dashboards.

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Keeping top remote & hybrid teams aligned
and connected since 2016.

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Less meetings, more context

The Status Hero Method

The secret to remote work? Structured, async communication loops.

Set goals & OKRs to build alignment and share big-picture progress.

Unique, blog-like goals collect updates on a regular cadence, giving the entire team deep context alongside an instant read on where things stand.

Create smart check-ins to keep project teams in sync and in the flow.

Replace low-value status meetings with async daily check-ins. Status Hero collects and summarizes intent, progress, and activity from integrated apps.

a check-in a check-in a check-in a check-in a check-in

Use live dashboards & reports to spot trends, reflect, and grow.

Reports help you proactively tackle issues that matter, prep for one-one and retro meetings, and keep your team culture vibrant and healthy.




goals met





“Our team is distributed across three continents and ten time zones. Team members say they appreciate starting their day seeing everyone else’s accomplishments and goals, and ending it with sharing their own. Status Hero helps the team see the bigger picture of what's happening.”

Janet Swisher
Janet Swisher

Community Lead & Project Manager @ Mozilla

“Loom has as distributed team spread throughout the US, Canada, Brazil, and Europe. Status Hero let’s our independent product teams update each other through async daily standups and allows for more heads down time.”

Vinay Hiremath
Vinay Hiremath

Co-Founder/Head of Engineering @ Loom

“In 14 years of being an all-remote company we've tried lots of communication tools. Status Hero is the simplest tool for keeping widely distributed teams in sync.”

John Butler
John Butler

Partner @ Crazy Egg

“Status Hero not only streamlines the standup process, it provides a simple goal-oriented approach to structuring your day that makes you feel like you're making steady progress instead of falling behind. Our whole team loves it and I can't imagine going back.”

Andrew Childs
Andrew Childs

Co-Founder @ Shortcut

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