Automated Check-ins for Software Teams

Track yesterday's accomplishments, today's goals, and blocking issues.

Eliminate meetings, sync up your team, and stay on top of who's doing what.

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How it works


Check-in notifications are automatically sent by email, SMS, or chat bot.

How it works 1


Team members respond from any device, no sign-in or app required.

How it works 2


Check-ins and goals are compiled and broadcast to you and the team.

How it works 3


  • Beautiful graphs so you and your team can instantly visualize productivity and efficiency
  • Magic link check-ins so your team members don't need to login or download an app :sparkles:
  • Time zone aware for remote or distributed teams working across multiple geographies
  • Customizable reminder times, reporting frequencies, holidays, and check-in questions
  • Holidays and vacations can be configured for the team or individual team members
  • Multiple teams are easy to set up. Switch between teams on the fly
  • Archived updates so you can drill down into progress by date or team member
  • Comments, reactions and @mentions so your team members can quickly help each other out :thumbsup:
  • #hashtags can be pre-defined or created on the fly to categorize check-ins
  • Integrations with Slack, HipChat, Cisco Spark, Zapier, Flowdock, Campfire, webhooks, and more
  • Observer mode for managers or stakeholders who just want to view check-ins without participating
  • Markdown and emoji support so check-ins can be formatted to suit the needs of your team :clap:
  • Kiosk display for projecting team status on large monitors
  • Enterprise-grade security precautions used to protect and secure your valuable data

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All kinds of companies use Status Hero

Plans and Pricing

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Simple status check-ins and reports for your team


Per user per month, billed annually
Unlimited teams

  • Daily check-ins by email
  • Check-in summary reports by email
  • Custom questions
  • Multiple time zone support
  • 30 day check-in archive
  • Email support

$3.50/user when billed monthly


Integrations, goal tracking, and deeper team engagement


Per user per month, billed annually
Unlimited teams

All Basic Plan features, plus:

  • Integrations with chat tools like Slack, HipChat, and Cisco Spark
  • Goal completion tracking
  • SMS/Text message check-in reminders
  • Check-in commenting and reactions
  • Unlimited check-in archive
  • Email and chat support

$5.75/user when billed monthly


Added support and bank-grade security measures


Per user per month, billed annually
Unlimited teams

All Pro Plan features, plus:

  • Field-level data encryption
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee with SLA
  • SSO/token-based authentication
  • Phone support

$8.67/user when billed monthly


Tailored terms and custom development

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All Corporate Plan features, plus:

  • Integration with custom webhooks and on-premise services
  • Bespoke security measures, including IP address restriction
  • Custom contracts and billing

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Meetings are expensive! Teams using Status Hero typically save upwards of $60K a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access to the check-ins?

Everyone on your team can see the status check-ins from anyone else on the team. The goal is to give your team the same transparency they would get out of an in-person meeting.

What if my team spans multiple time zones?

Status Hero has been designed and tested from the ground up to handle this elegantly. Time zones and notification times can be adjusted for each individual team member.

Do my team members need to download an app?

Nope. Status Hero uses existing communication channels (email, SMS, Slack, Cisco Spark, and HipChat).

Do my team members need to setup an account too?

Negative. Secure, single-use magic links are used in all notification, so checking in is as easy as clicking on a link in an email or text message.

Can I adjust notification settings by team member?

Yes, and you can skip sick days and holidays. In fact, team members can also do this for themselves.

Can I create and/or belong to multiple teams?

Yes. With a single sign-in email address you can create new teams, belong to other teams, and switch between teams within Status Hero.

Does Status Hero work with smartphones and tablets?

Yes. Check-in forms and reports are designed to be used with any device - desktop, mobile, or tablet.

What about security?

We've gone to great lengths to keep your data secure and confidential with enterprise-grade precautions. Read more about security.

Do I need to involve my IT department?

No. Status Hero works independently of corporate servers.

I have more questions!

No problem, we're happy to help. Drop us a line.

Why Status Hero?

Connect Remote, Virtual, or Distributed Teams

Having trouble running regular stand-up meetings across different geographies and time zones? Status Hero fixes that by collecting and documenting off-hour status updates that would otherwise get lost in emails, work tickets, or chat logs.

Cut Through the Project Management Noise

With all the task lists, tickets, emails, burndown charts, scrum boards, and pull requests flying around, it can be really difficult to figure out who's doing what. More importantly, is everyone working effectively towards specific goals? Find out with a sentence or two of goals and accomplishments from each team member, all in one place.

Eliminate Status & Stand-up Meetings

"Can you hear me?" Nope! Something always seems to go wrong with all-hands multi-point meetings, provided you can even get them scheduled in the first place. Use Status Hero to get all the value of a status meeting (and then some!) without any of the wasted time, scheduling, or tech hassle. Your team will thank you.

Promote Transparency & Trust

Trust is built within your team when everyone understands how each team member contributes. Status Hero gathers and organizes progress updates so the team can trust one another, make quicker decisions, collaborate more effectively, and ultimately be happier and more productive.

Better Software Estimates

When team members get into the rhythm of setting daily goals, they'll get better at setting expectations for their work. In turn, you'll get better at coming up with realistic software delivery estimates and planning future work for the whole team.

Nicolas Grasset

"Heroic. We completely replaced our daily standups, and our remote team members feel closer than ever. No more chasing everyone down!"

Deb Cypher

"Our CEO loves the transparency, and all of us in a leadership or management role find the blockers invaluable. People report they are thinking more deliberately about their goals for the day and trying to plan more efficiently and reasonably."

Mei Siauw

"LeadIQ operates out of 6 different time zones. Without Status Hero, it would be nearly impossible to keep everyone connected, informed, and most of all, happy. It's been a huge part of our success."

Automated Check-ins for Software Teams

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