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Carol Vargas
Carol Vargas
Creative Director
  • Brooklyn (Eastern Time)
  • 2022-06-30T22:35:40Z
  • Checked in 2022-06-30 18:13:40 -0400 ago via
  • Goals met
  • Reporting blockers
  • Feeling thoughtful
Today: NX pages are buggy at #mobile resolutions, so I'm going to file the tickets then jump in and try and clear them. May need to pull in @BrianWeaver.

  • Fixed tablet responsiveness for walled-off NX pages
  • Began breaking up SCSS variables so we can use them everywhere. #mobile
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Who is working on what, without the distractions.

Replace lengthy meetings, shoulder taps, and other interruptions with succinct online updates.

Status Hero works with project management tools like GitHub, Jira, and Asana, and messaging tools like email, Slack, and Microsoft Teams to compile your team’s activity and check-ins into a single report you can review and share.

Help your remote or hybrid team regain focus by getting continuous clarity on accomplishments, intentions, and blockers across workflows and timezones.

  • Grace Pearson updated Jira issue CP-563 in Core Project: "HX pulse measurement"
  • Irene Shaw checked in with blockers for via Slack
  • >
    Brian Weaver hosted Zoom meeting QA Best Practices, 1h
  • Adam Young added a team holiday for
  • Dave Taylor committed 68d1867 to core-app: "Quantify redundant panel"

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1. Fix Stand-Up Meetings

Status Hero collects all of the work details so you can use stand-ups to talk about substance (or skip them altogether).

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2. Seamlessly Connect Remote Team Members

Customize when and how people check in and receive updates. Work across asynchronous schedules and time zones with less confusion.

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3. Build Trust & Gain Transparency

Understanding how everyone else is contributing to the team's goals is essential to building trust. More trust means quicker decision-making, smoother collaboration, better estimates, and a more focused team.

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Who uses Status Hero?

Ryan Katkov

Standup participation was piecemeal and it was hard to get a full picture - until the team adopted Status Hero. Now we have 100% participation and great visibility into the team and other teams are now even getting on board! It's that good!

Ryan Katkov

Head of Engineering
Vinay Hiremath

Loom has as distributed team spread throughout the US, Canada, Brazil, and Europe. Status Hero let's our independent product teams update each other through async daily standups and allows for more heads down time.

Vinay Hiremath

Co-Founder/Head of Engineering
Norma Kwee

Status Hero has changed the way our company keeps everyone informed on our daily focuses and challenges. As a global team working in many different timezones, Status Hero has allowed us to stay accountable with each other and efficient with our time.

Norma Kwee

Head of Product
Working Not Working
Andrew Childs

Status Hero not only streamlines the standup process, it provides a simple goal-oriented approach to structuring your day that makes you feel like you're making steady progress instead of falling behind. Our whole team loves it and I can't imagine going back.

Andrew Childs

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