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Status Updates

Dispatches from the front lines of modern work

5 Best Practices for Effective Team Meetings

Meetings don’t have to be something your team dreads or tries to avoid. The key is to make them effective and worthwhile. Check out these 5 best practices to...

Juliette ChevalierProductivity

Project Management on a Remote Team

Project management is hard. It can be even harder on a remote team. Learn to successfully manage a project while embracing the freedom and independence that ...

Tanaka MutakwaProductivity

Delivering Incremental Value

Status Hero's goal tracking feature is designed to track incremental goals. But continuously delivering incremental value to the business is the end result.

Henry PoydarNewsletter

Increasing Focus With No Meeting Days (or Weeks!)

In a world where it's accepted that meetings are bad yet unavoidable, what’s the solution? How can we balance making time to get things done with the need to...

Karl HughesProductivity

Project Management with GitLab

GitLab is great for teams looking to manage the entire DevOps lifecycle inside of a single platform, with many teams using its project management features in...

Tanaka MutakwaProductivity

Distractions and Communication Debt

Proactively and deliberately give yourself and your team a break.

Henry PoydarNewsletter

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