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Goals & OKRs

Alignment and context for the whole team

  • Weave context & vision into your team's daily routine
  • Collect rich updates on progress and confidence
  • Works with any goal framework; OKRs, MBOs, SMART
the Goals & OKRs screen in StatusHero
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A live, 30,000 foot view of your priorities as a team

Misalignment is rampant on remote teams because standard-issue tools don’t address it. Avoid the pain and expense via nested goals & OKRs that reflect your priorities as a team. Max context, minimum fuss.

a goal in Status Hero

Get an instant, actionable read on where things stand

Collect updates from goal owners on a regular cadence that keeps everyone in the loop. Confidence and progress let you know at a glance where goals stand, and rich, longform updates create space for sharing deeper context, successes, and lessons learned.

Keep everyone focused and up to speed, automatically

Goals don't work when they're forgotten in a doc. Status Hero weaves goals into daily check-ins to keep them top of mind, and automatically reminds goal owners to write updates on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly cadence.

Updates are broadcast via Slack, Teams, or email, giving the team a zero-effort way to keep tabs on progress.

a goal update notification in Slack a goal update notification in Slack a goal update prompt in Slack

Rich blog-like updates

Add links, images and more in a streamlined writing interface that publishes dedicated, shareable goal update posts.

Works with your tools

Goal reminders and notifications are broadcast to your primary communications tools like Slack, Teams, and email.

Flexible goals

Goals work with popular methodologies like OKRs or MBOs, or none at all. Use the approach that makes sense for you.

Centralized context

Dedicated goal pages show all the details and the complete log of updates, making it easy for anyone to get up to speed.

Time Zone Aware

Status Hero gives everyone working across multiple geographies the information they need at the right moment.

Comments and Reactions

Team members can comment on goal updates and add reactions, enabling collaboration and engagement.

“Status Hero has helped change the way team members organize their days, focusing more on goals and less on specific tickets or to-dos. It has also allowed us to optimize time spent during stand-up so more time can be spent coding.”

Chris Monnat
Chris Monnat

VP of Engineering @ Industry Dive

“As a 100% remote company with teams spread all over the world, Status Hero has proved invaluable in connecting everyone and providing the transparency that's vital in keeping everyone informed and focused on their goals. It's quickly become a core component of our operations strategy.”

Justin Montgomery
Justin Montgomery

VP of Marketing @ Airpush

“Our CEO loves the transparency, and all of us in a leadership or management role find the blockers info invaluable. People report they are thinking more deliberately about their goals for the day and trying to plan more efficiently.”

Deb Cypher
Deb Cypher

VP Product & Engineering @ Tridiuum

“As a company of one, Status Hero helps me stay focused on the plan for the day. The gamification element ensures I meet my goals on a regular basis and deliver excellent software and support to my users.”

Jason Allen
Jason Allen

Managing Director @ PlayIt Software

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