Plans & Pricing

Status Hero costs a lot less than not having the big picture. Try out all the features with a free, 21-day trial. No credit card required. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at anytime.



per user/month

USD, billed annually ($36)

Simple status check-ins and reports for your team

  • Daily check-ins by email
  • Summary email reports
  • Insights for retros and 1:1s
  • Custom questions
  • Multiple time zones
  • 30-day check-in archive
  • Email support



per user/month

USD, billed annually ($60)

Integrations, goal tracking, and deeper team engagement

  • All BASIC Plan features, plus:
  • Integration with tools like Slack, GitHub, and Jira
  • Goal completion tracking
  • Mood tracking
  • SMS/Text reminders
  • Comments and reactions
  • Observer mode
  • Unlimited check-in archive
  • Email and chat support



per user/month

USD, billed annually ($84)

Added support and security measures

  • All PRO Plan features, plus:
  • SSO/SAML integration
  • IP address restriction
  • Security review add-on available
  • Phone support



per user/month

USD, billed annually ($108)

Invoice billing and tailored terms

  • All CORPORATE Plan features plus:
  • Net-30 annual invoice billing with quarterly true-ups
  • Custom contract add-on available
  • Custom development add-on available
  • Video support
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25-user minimum

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What features are available in the free trial?
All product features are available in the trial. Here's a full list of them.
Who has access to the check-ins?
Everyone on your team can see the status check-ins from anyone else on the team. The goal is the same transparency your team would get from an in-person meeting.
What if my team spans multiple time zones?
Status Hero has been designed and tested to handle this elegantly. Time zones and notification times can be adjusted for each individual team member.
Do team members need to download an app?
Nope. Status Hero uses existing communication channels (email, SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more).
Do team members need to set up an account too?
Negative. Secure, single-use magic links are used in all notifications, so checking in is as easy as clicking on a link in an email or SMS.
Can I adjust notification settings by team member?
Yes, you can adjust the profile, preferences, absences, and holidays for each team member. And in fact, team members can do this for themselves.
What about our other project management tools?
Status Hero auto-imports activities from these systems and lists them alongside the gist of the work: 1-2 brief daily goals per person.
Can I create and/or belong to multiple teams?
Yes. With a single login email address you can create new teams, belong to other teams, and switch between teams within Status Hero.
Does Status Hero work on mobile devices?
Yes. Check-in forms and reports can be used with any device - desktop, mobile, or tablet.
What about security?
We've gone to great lengths to keep your data secure and confidential, with enterprise-grade precautions. Read more about security.
Do I need to involve my IT department?
No. Status Hero works independently of corporate servers.
Do you offer discounts?
No. We love all our customers and offer the same fair, transparent pricing to everyone.
Can I see a complete list of all of the features?
Sure! Here you go.
I have more questions!
We're happy to help. Drop us a line.

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