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Case Study: Clearview

Clearview is a staff augmentation service that helps startups and scaling companies build products and grow their engineering teams.

December 8th, 2020

Annette O’Neil and her team at Clearview offer their clients staff augmentation for software development teams. They are 100% remote and have been that way since they were founded over 15 years ago.

At any given time, Annette and her team are “tackling a stack of vastly dissimilar projects for clients across several industries, worldwide.” Since they’re 100% remote and all working on different projects, Annette and her team were having challenges staying in-sync. “We were grappling with a serious silo problem.”

Team members felt disconnected from each other. On top of that, managers struggled to understand who was doing what, exacerbating the accountability challenges that can come with remote work.

  • 100% remote for 15+ years
  • 22 team members
  • Hubs in California, Manchester UK, Sarajevo, Bali, and the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Specialize in helping growing companies scale

People at Clearview used different approaches for solving communication challenges within their individual projects but not Clearview as a whole. When projects ended, their processes weren’t incorporated back into Clearview and there wasn’t a standard in place for new projects. “Different projects worked towards a solution for themselves, but the benefits weren’t shared across the rest of Clearview.”

At first, the Clearview team tried doing company-wide standups in Slack to help improve alignment and communication. But participation was spotty and inconsistent. Team members needed a little more structure.


That’s when Annette started researching alternatives and came across Status Hero. She created a trial and tested it with her team.

Right away Annette and the Clearview team started seeing benefits. Finally managers were able to quickly understand what their team members were doing. We asked Annette what led her to purchase Status Hero and start using it across Clearview.

“Status Hero helps us by providing a shared platform for transparency and accountability that’s easy for our busy folks to use. The straightforward template and elegant dashboard make it easy to see what everyone’s doing with a glance and a quick scroll, not a daunting scroll down a long list of Slack bullets. It also makes it really easy to tell who is not being accountable.”

And the benefits aren’t limited to the managers. Team members are feeling more connected with each other and a stronger sense of camaraderie. Annette says they even bring it up to their managers.

“They regularly shout it out in their one-ones: specifically, that Status Hero gives them the sense of being ‘part of Clearview’ in a way they didn’t feel before.”

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