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Replace time consuming meetings and disruptive notifications with a clear report. Save the meeting time for the important issues and meaningful team interactions.

How It Works

1 Check in

Team members respond to a brief check-in prompt daily or weekly.

Prompts are customizable, time zone aware, and sent via email, SMS, Slack, or other tools.

Emma Garrett
Emma Garrett
Senior Developer
  • Portland (Pacific Time)
  • 2022-06-30T23:07:01Z
  • Checked in 2022-06-30 18:45:01 -0400 ago via
  • Goals met
  • Reporting blockers
  • Feeling happy
Today: NX pages are buggy at #mobile resolutions, so I'm going to file the tickets then jump in and try and clear them. May need to pull in @DaveTaylor.

  • Fixed tablet responsiveness for walled-off NX pages
  • Began breaking up SCSS variables so we can use them everywhere. #mobile

2 Pull in data

Status Hero automatically adds activity from your project management tools to the check-ins and a real-time activity stream.

Integrations include tools like GitHub, Jira, Trello, Asana, Azure Devops, and hundreds of others.

3 Get updated

Everyone gets a report with team-wide check-ins, goals, activities, and requests for help.

Later, you can create custom reports for 1:1s and retros.

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Who is
Working on What

Modern teams are clobbered with notifications and pings from the applications and systems they need to get work done.

It's almost impossible to parse all that raw data and figure out who's doing what, towards which goals.

Status Hero sorts it all out into an elegant and clear report. At a glance, you and your team can understand the context of your work, progress made, and jump on blocking issues or other requests for help.

Supportive Team Management

Leading a modern (and often remote) team is more challenging than ever. Here are some ways Status Hero helps managers:

Real-time blocker alerts when someone needs help
Team member reports for one-on-one meetings
Comparative reports for sprint retrospective meetings
Goal tracking to help craft estimates and celebrate wins
Non-intimidating mood tracking with emoji, so you can get a handle on the emotional state of the team
"Observer mode" for stakeholders to help you manage expectations up in your organization

Effective Team Communication

High-performing teams collaborate well because each team member understands what their teammates are doing.

This transparency reduces duplicative efforts, promotes trust, and enables team members to jump in and help each other out when needed. It also means that the team can celebrate wins—big and small—together.

With Status Hero, everyone understands the context of everyone else's work without the overhead of interruptions and meetings. The path is cleared for meaningful team communication and interactions.

Sam Udotong

Status Hero puts team culture into practice by adding communication, transparency and feedback to our daily process. It integrates nicely with our other tools, which keeps work moving in an engineering team split across 5 continents.

Sam Udotong

Fireflies, Inc

Accurate Delivery Estimates

Status Hero prompts your team members to set 1-2 goals (not tasks) each time they check in. Then, on subsequent check-ins, they indicate if they met these goals.

With this goal-oriented and yes/no approach, team members tune their ability to estimate timelines for their work. In turn, project estimates for the whole team are far more accurate.

You checked in yesterday with:

Fix the git sluggishness issue we’re all having. (And make sure it doesn’t happen again.) Plow through DO swimlane tickets with @brian.

A Calm and
Happy Team

Chris Monnat

Status Hero has helped change the way team members organize their days, focusing more on goals and less on specific tickets or to-dos. It has also allowed us to optimize time spent during stand-up so more time can be spent coding.

Chris Monnat

VP of Engineering
Industry Dive
Sofia Quintero

Status Hero helps our team stay on the same page. It helps us step back and see what we've achieved every day. Highly recommended!

Sofia Quintero

Ilse Ackerman

We love Status Hero because it (1) helps us instill good agile standup practices on our clients' data teams and (2) gives our remote team visibility into each other’s work and ways we can support or unblock each other.

Ilse Ackerman

Brooklyn Data Co.
Alan Cohen

We have a growing, distributed team across many time zones. Status Hero helps us stay updated and hand off work asynchronously. This keeps our limited face-to-face time over video chats focused on strategic issues, pair programming, or design discussions.

Alan Cohen

Sr. Engineer

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