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Cut through the noise with daily team check-ins.

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"I needed a simple, hands-off way to keep the whole team engaged. Status Hero is quick, easy, and really helps us collaborate and see the connections in our work."

How it Works

The friendly @statushero bot will take care of checking in your team and collecting daily goals. (You can always tweak reminder times, time zones, check-in questions, frequency, and other settings.)

Slack status hero iphone notification

Whenever someone on your team checks in, their update is neatly formatted and broadcast to the #channel of your choice in Slack. Blocking issues are highlighted in red: Slack status hero check in list

A check-in summary is also delivered to your #channel, along with the necessary links to drill down into individual goals and productivity metrics: Slack status hero check in summary

A convenient /checkin command is available in Slack to everyone on the team. They can use it to check in at any time or to see a summary of updates and metrics from the whole team.

Of course, Status Hero produces beautiful web and email reports too:

Status hero team status
Status hero reports
Status hero team member report
Status hero summary notification

Boom! Super simple yet powerful goal tracking and check-ins, all within your Slack account.

  • Easily compare daily team member goals against actual accomplishments
  • Eliminate costly stand-up or status meetings
  • Quickly address blocking issues that prevent your team from getting stuff done

Daily Check-ins and Goal Tracking for Teams

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