Notifications by Email, SMS, and Slack bot

Team members are notified to check-in by email, SMS, or Slack bot.
Magic links are used so no login or app install is necessary.

Check-in Form

Check-ins consist of simple questions and brief answers.


Team members can auto-fill check-ins with previously stated goals for quick updates

Team Dashboard Screen

Instantly review daily goal completion, blocking issues and check-ins in a single screenful.

Mentions, Comments and Reactions

Comments, reactions, and @mentions increase team engagement and collaboration.

Comments and Reactions

Customizable notifications are sent for all @mentions, comments, and reactions.

@mentions and #hashtags

@mentions and #hashtags are auto-completed in check-in and comment inputs

Summary Report Notification

Summary report metrics are sent by email. Team check-ins can be viewed with one tap or click.

Slack Integration

Check-ins are neatly formatted and broadcast to Slack, HipChat, Flowdock, Campfire and/or any webhook you choose.

Report Archives

All reports are archived by date for easy reference later. (Think retrospectives or performance reviews.)

Team Member View

Drill down into check-ins and productivity for each team member.


Use #hashtags to categorize check-ins. You can pre-define tags or create new ones on the fly with the # symbol.


Easily customize tons of settings to suit the needs of your team.

Vacations and Holidays

Select vacation or leave days for the whole team or for each individual team member.

Team Members

Easily add and modify team members at anytime. You can also setup 'observer' accounts for team or project stakeholders.

Kiosk Mode

Use the kiosk mode for displaying team status on big monitors in your team area (check-ins will automatically refresh).

Daily Check-ins and Goal Tracking for Teams

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