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"Status Hero has helped change the way team members organize their days, focusing more on goals and less on specific tickets or to-dos. It has also allowed us to optimize time spent during stand-up so more time can be spent coding."

Chris Monnat
VP of Engineering, Industry Dive

"Heroic. Tracking against daily goals has vastly improved our productivity and efficiency. The automation is great - no more chasing everyone down!"

Nicolas Grasset
CTO, MakeSpace

"Standup participation was piecemeal and it was hard to get a full picture - until the team adopted Status Hero. Now we have 100% participation and great visibility into the team and other teams are now even getting on board! It's that good!"

Ryan Katkov
Head of Engineering, Life360

"Our team is distributed across three continents and ten time zones, so using Status Hero for our daily status sharing enables everyone to have normal lives, instead of having daily standups way early or way late in the day. Team members say they appreciate starting their day seeing everyone else's accomplishments and goals, and ending it with sharing their own. We're pretty good at collaborating asynchronously on specific issues, and Status Hero helps the team see the bigger picture of what's happening."

Janet Swisher
Community Lead and Project Manager, Mozilla

"Status Hero has been a great add for improving transparency and productivity at PeerStreet. As a distributed team, we're able to have better insights into progress and blockers without the inconvenience, inefficiency and constant technical issues of a scheduled conference meeting across multiple timezones."

Alex Perelman
CTO, PeerStreet

"Status Hero revolutionized the way we conduct stand-ups! What was once 15 minutes of ceremony for us is now the most effective 5-10 minutes of our day. Team members can collaborate in a clear and consistent way while our managers and stakeholders can easily identify challenges and roadblocks. Everyone comes prepared and everyone is in the know with Status Hero."

Chris Kirby
Director of Engineering, Red Ventures

"Status Hero has changed the way our company keeps everyone informed on our daily focuses and challenges. As a global team working in many different timezones, Status Hero has allowed us to stay accountable with each other and efficient with our time."

Norma Kwee
Head of Product, Working Not Working

"Imposium is comprised of a distributed team across various time zones. Status Hero allows our dev team to report back on work without adding extra meetings."

Lauren Brown
Head of Platform, Imposium

"Our team is often scattered around the world with irregular schedules and time zones so Status Hero really helps to keep the team in sync allowing us to address issues efficiently."

Yo Kwon
CEO, Hosho

"With Status Hero each of our team members can prioritize their work and we can easily stay on top of what others are working on."

Brian Crain
Co-Founder, Chorus One

"I needed a simple, hands-off way to keep the whole team engaged. Status Hero is quick, easy, and really helps us collaborate and see the connections in our work."

Kevin Gammariello
Director & Team Lead, 2U

"We operate out of 6 time zones. Without Status Hero, it would be nearly impossible to keep everyone connected, informed, and most of all, happy. It's been a huge part of our success."

Mei Siauw

"Status Hero not only streamlines the standup process, it provides a simple goal-oriented approach to structuring your day that makes you feel like you're making steady progress instead of falling behind. Our whole team loves it and I can't imagine going back."

Andrew Childs
Co-Founder, Clubhouse

"Meetings are the most expensive thing we do. Killing status meetings has been a massive cost savings for us. Status Hero was an insta-buy."

Dinshaw Gobhai
Engineering Team Lead, Constant Contact

"Now, thanks to Status Hero, the synchronization of the development team day after day has become simple and effective. We also particularly appreciate the integration with ClubHouse and GitLab"

Gael Martinet
Founder, Flux

"At a small startup, there are so many things going on that it's hard to keep up. But Status Hero and its integration with GitHub makes it easy to track what the team is working on with almost no extra administrative work. "

Yasyf Mohamedali
CTO, Karuna Health

"As a 100% remote company with teams spread all over the world, Status Hero has proved invaluable in connecting everyone and providing the transparency that's vital in keeping everyone informed and focused on their goals. It's quickly become a core component of our operations strategy."

Justin Montgomery
VP of Marketing, Airpush

"We're a highly distributed global team, working across many timezones. Status Hero helps us all stay connected with a concise and efficient communication mechanism that reduces the number of meetings we need to have to maintain a high level of productivity."

Benjamin Williams
Sr. Director of Product, Cloudbees

"Status Hero is a quick, efficient tool for our team to check in and share priorities without impacting busy, daily schedules. It is the perfect solution for days when we are not meeting. As a supervisor I have appreciated the ability to roll up all of my staff's task lists and requests for assistance in one place."

Robert Davis
Program Manager, National Park Service

"Before, we just had updates as piles of text in a Slack channel that were really hard to go back through. Freeing up that information has been the biggest benefit for us. Great work with the UX - the whole app really does a good job of exposing functionality without getting in the way."

John Thomas
Team Lead,

"Status Hero is a perfect tool to plan your day as a team. It takes only a minute of time every day to check-in, and every team member knows exactly what his colleagues doing which really helped to boost our collaboration and prevent some "you should've told me!" situations."

Mikhail Tuzikov
System Engineer, Badoo

"At LEDA, we turn managers into leaders. A big part of leadership is removing the roadblocks affecting your team. Status Hero lets me know who is blocked so I can find them help."

Ashley Leach
Founder, LEDA

"Having 5 different Business Development teams is quite a challenge for comprehensive reporting and overview. Status Hero helps us immensely with an easy-to-use interface and a fast customer support. Big thumbs up!"

David Petrovic
Head of Distribution Patnerships,

"Status Hero makes it much easier to keep in touch with all of our staff across 10 different timezones. It has increased our productivity and made our staff more accountable."

Matthew Larner
Managing Director, ClickSend

"Our CEO loves the transparency, and all of us in a leadership or management role find the blockers info invaluable. People report they are thinking more deliberately about their goals for the day and trying to plan more efficiently."

Deb Cypher
VP Product & Engineering, Tridiuum

"As we scale, it gets harder to know what everyone is up to. Status Hero facilitates great inter-team and inter-departmental sharing to keep us all in the loop!"

Mike Wertman
VP Engineering, Resolver

"Status Hero is a perfect way for's all-remote team to stay connected day to day without tedious status meetings. Our team loves using Status Hero!"

Graham Davis
Marketing Director,

"Status Hero enables me and my team to stay connected, remain focused, remove roadblocks, meet deadlines and provide quality results while scattered across campus."

Kenneth Reaves
Director of Research and Strategic Projects, Southeastern University

"Status Hero is our virtual stand-up and accountability space that keeps the team connected working remote and in different cities. No need to ramble on daily calls, it gives the opportunity to reflect on individual goals, while also offering visibility into co-workers' activities as a means to reach out and provide support when needed."

Ryan Short
Founder/CEO, Detour UX

"Status Hero is the smart way to do a "stand up" in a distributed organization. It helps us keep everyone in-sync and focused on solving real problems."

Stan Rosenberg
VP of Engineering, Forensiq

"Status Hero helps our growing team stay up-to-date on what's in progress without drawing it out in yet another meeting. Team members can see who is blocked and engage in conversations about specific work items without the productivity impact you'd see if that occurred in a meeting, and the GitHub integration is fantastic for seeing how check-ins relate to their report."

Sean Timm
Technical Lead, The Krazy Coupon Lady

"The key for remote work is building trust through transparency. Status Hero helped us automate the process of making everyone's work and status transparent."

Juho Makkonen
Co-Founder/CEO, Sharetribe

"We love Status Hero! It's such a simple way to keep an eye on your team's priories and goals. It's also greatly helped with our time management. Highly recommend!"

Danielle Lozano
Director, ClearOne Advantage

"Status Hero helps our team stay on the same page. It helps us step back and see what we've achieved every day. Highly recommended!"

Sofia Quintero
Founder/CEO, EnjoyHQ

"Status Hero helped us start doing daily stand-ups, consistently. Our team is more productive because they start their morning by visualizing their day ahead and reflecting on their accomplishments from the day before."

Neal Kemp
CTO, GovPredict

"Communication in semi-distributed teams is a real challenge. Status Hero adds transparency to our marketing team and helps us be always on the same page."

Marta Olszewska
Head of Marketing, Piktochart

"Status Hero provides me with a snapshot of what my team is intending on achieving today. And if there are blockers I can get them out of the way so we can keep moving."

Brendt Sheen
CEO, Code Heroes

"Status Hero helps me keep track of what's going to happen each day and what each one achieved at the end of the day, without any back and forth or emailing."

Andrea Nagar
Founder/CEO, PhraseExpander

"As an all remote company our team members are distributed in both location and time-zone. Status Hero helps all of us stay connected, up to date on each other's work, and productive."

Joshua Ho
Founder, Referral Rock

"Status Hero helped our team stream-line our weekly HPM process. It allows us to be more in the know of what everybody is up to, keep track of each other’s goals and offer help cross-functionally"

Victor Servin
CTO, TheVentureCity

"Status Hero helps us see a clear picture of our day and see what our other team is up to. Instead of spending a lot of time doing huddles and meetings with tribe members to get updates on projects, we now use the time to do our tasks and reach our goals."

Paula Bernasor
Lead, ASPACE Cebu

"A great reminder to organize your day, set goals and deadlines. Equally great to know what my teammates are dealing with."

Örn Þórðarson
Member of the Board, Kóði

"Everyone in our remote team is now on the same page. Status Hero made our internal communication better."

Jens Kammerer
Founder/CEO, Jaumo

"Status Hero helps me understand what everyone in my company is working on, how it's going, and whether or not they're getting stuck - without having to ask or annoy."

Jonathan Levi
Founder, SuperHuman Enterprises

"Status Hero enables us to get daily status updates without the overhead of a face-to-face standup, plus we get a written record without anyone having to take notes."

Ryan Houlette
Co-Founder, Sense

"Status Hero has helped us increase horizontal communication amongst our team. Each of us is aware of what the other is doing on any given day."

Chris Robb
Senior Manager, Indiana University Global NOC

"Status Hero makes it super easy to know what my team is working on. No more physical standup meetings which usually takes longer than expected. It has increased our productivity from the very beginning."

Suyu Zhang
Co-Founder/CTO, Chowbus

"Status Hero allows our team to stay in touch without scheduling more meetings. It's the perfect tool - it gets out of the way and is instantly valuable."

Danny Sauter
Co-Founder, Bamboo

"Status Hero faciliates team communication across multiple time-zones with asynchronous stand-up meetings on a daily basis!"

Cody McLain
Chief Ninja, Support Ninja

"Status Hero is a very simple tool that helped us speed up daily standup meetings for our remote team, and added simple tracking of goals, achievements and blockers."

Ivica Hrg
CTO, Kompare

"Our team is spread out across multiple locations managing multiple projects. Sometimes getting everyone together at the same time for a stand up is a challenge. Status hero makes a virtual check in a piece of cake by integrating with the tools that are already part of our remote workflow. We can update at our desk or on the go and keep the rest of the team in the loop."

Ryan Ruud
Founder/CEO, Lake One

"As the number of agile teams grew in our organization, our weekly scrum of scrums was taking too much time and not providing enough depth. Status Hero allowed us to streamline that process, provide greater feedback between teams and allow for that information to be shared with our entire engineering organization."

Zach Breslaw
Director of Software Development, CBT Nuggets

"We work as a remote team and StatusHero dramatically helped us be more effective. Thanks to StatusHero our standups are much more organized and we reduced the time by 50%."

Peter Karakas
CTO, CodersRank

"It's so helpful for us to have such a simple way to have a written record of our stand every day. We've been far more coordinated with our remote team members because of Status Hero."

Jesse Miller
Associate Director, Product Management, OAO

"Status Hero is a simple and effective way of tracking who is doing what and keeping people focused on the things that matter. Stand-up sessions are more productive as they concentrate on exceptions - so more time spent on building great products and less on administative tasks."

Gerald Dunn
COO/CFO, Quant

"Status hero helps our team to stay focused on their daily goals and keeps all teams across different timezones in sync with each other. It fills the need of sharing quick updates on daily basis."

Bhaumik Shukla
VP Products & BizOps, IQM

"Status Hero helps me focus on my most important tasks of the day, and helps me get a handle on what my team is doing (especially when remote!) without persistently nagging. Easily worth the price of admission."

Cameron Desautels
CEO, CollBox

"Status Hero is the most efficient and effective way for our team to stay across project progress. It has saved us so much time by easily identifying blockers and helping our project managers get a snapshot of the day ahead."

Gavin Ballard
CEO, Disco Labs

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