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Dashboards and Reports

Your team and activity, all in one place

  • Proactively prioritize with alerts and leading indicators
  • See activity from all your tools in a single, live feed
  • Your source of truth for progress and delivery confidence
the Dashboards and Reports screen in StatusHero
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Everything, from everyone, all in one place

Remote teams use so many different tools that it’s almost impossible to keep on top of it all. Status Hero integrates with your team’s tools to create a single, live view of everything that’s going on across all of your apps, delivering the full picture without the work.

the Activity screen in Status Hero

Your 1-1 and retro co-pilot

Team profiles show a filtered view of each person’s check-ins alongside a few key stats. It’s a quick way to get up to speed on what someone’s been working on, and a handy reference for recurring one-on-ones.

a team member profile page in Status Hero

Spot trends and uncover insights about your team

The insights report helps team leads do their jobs faster, easier, and better via the power of filterable data. Are people taking vacation? Who’s blocked on what? Are we getting better at hitting our goals? Are people engaged?

the Insights screen in Status Hero

Flexible filtering

Slice and dice data by multiple dimensions; team, member, activity type, date range, tags, and more.

Hundreds of integrations

Status Hero integrates with hundreds of popular tools to automatically summarize your team’s activity.

Export check-in data

Export your check-in data on a per-team basis to a CSV file that you can open with any spreadsheet app.

Data API for custom analysis

Access data via Status Hero’s API to perform custom analysis or build your own dashboards or visualizations.

Rebroadcast reports

Share past check-in reports with the rest of your team by broadcasting them to Slack, Teams, or email.

Approved for Enterprise

Financial institutions and government contractors are Status Hero customers. We’re ready for your security review.

“Status Hero is our virtual stand-up and accountability space that keeps the team connected working remote and in different cities. No need to ramble on daily calls, it gives the opportunity to reflect on individual goals, while also offering visibility into co-workers' activities as a means to reach out and provide support when needed.”

Ryan Short
Ryan Short

Founder/CEO @ Detour UX

“Status Hero helps our growing team stay up-to-date on what's in progress without drawing it out in yet another meeting. Team members can see who is blocked and engage in conversations about specific work items without the productivity impact you'd see if that occurred in a meeting, and the GitHub integration is fantastic for seeing how check-ins relate to their report.”

Sean Timm
Sean Timm

Technical Lead @ The Krazy Coupon Lady

“Our team is spread out across multiple locations managing multiple projects. Sometimes getting everyone together at the same time for a stand up is a challenge. Status hero makes a virtual check in a piece of cake by integrating with the tools that are already part of our remote workflow. We can update at our desk or on the go and keep the rest of the team in the loop.”

Ryan Ruud
Ryan Ruud

Founder/CEO @ Lake One

“Status Hero puts team culture into practice by adding communication, transparency and feedback to our daily process. It integrates nicely with our other tools, which keeps work moving in an engineering team split across 5 continents.”

Sam Udotong
Sam Udotong

CTO @ Fireflies, Inc

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