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Data-driven check-ins

Status, without all the status meetings

  • Quick daily updates collect intent and progress
  • Centralize activity from tools like GitHub and Jira
  • Works via app, Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, SMS
the Data-driven check-ins screen in StatusHero
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Keep your finger on the pulse with smart check-ins

Replace low-value status meetings and daily standups with quick async check-ins that summarize progress and intentions for everyone on the team. Activity from integrated apps like Github and Asana is automatically included to keep context high and effort low.

a check-in card from a team member a check-in card from a team member

Make real, steady progress with focus routines

Check-ins help you and your team focus by setting a daily personal goal, and following up on yesterday's goal. It's a simple, powerful way to cut through distractions and stay focused on the work that moves projects forward.

a summary of yesterday's goals with a checkbox asking if you met your goal an input field asking what your goals for today are

Stay in touch with the needs of the team

Check-ins include two extra questions that fill key IRL gaps. Blocker alerts are a virtual hand-raise that make it immediately obvious when someone needs help, and optional mood tracking gives you a sense of what you’d normally get from “reading the room” in-office.

a text input that asks 'are you blocked by anything?' a mood question that uses common mood-emojis for options

Zero record-keeping required

Check-ins automatically include work activity; you never have to manually track what you did or hunt down links to share.

Works with your tools

Check-in reminders and summaries are broadcast to your primary communications tools like Slack, Teams, and email.

Respond via chat and email

Team members can respond to check-in prompts directly in Slack, Teams, or email in order to keep friction to a minimum.

Customizable schedules

Customize check-in schedules on a per-team basis, exclude company holidays and individual PTO days, and more.

Time Zone Aware

Status Hero gives everyone working across multiple geographies the information they need at the right moment.

Comments and Reactions

Team members can comment on check-ins and add reactions, enabling collaboration and engagement.

“We use StatusHero daily! It's provided a great cadence for our team. Having check-ins async and automated, together with reminders and summaries, has been a great help.”

Sasha Jolich
Sasha Jolich

Director of Engineering @ Kater

“We have a remote team and it's important for us to stay connected and have clear visibility into the team's progress. Status Hero's daily check-ins have helped us improve our communication, remain focused on tasks, and identify blockers.”

Carina Alabanza
Carina Alabanza

Principal UX Designer @ Reltio

“Avantcore is a remote team distributed across 2 continents. Morning check-ins on Status Hero are great for keeping everyone in sync. One of its best aspects is the clean UI - like any tool it's gotta be easy or else people won't use it consistently. 🚀”

Andre Bergh
Andre Bergh

CIO @ Avantcore

“Mutable was founded on a remote company culture, and Status Hero has proved to be an efficient, laid-back tool that’s made it easier for our team to stay in-synch across countries and timezones. Check-ins only take a minute, but save us many more.”

Antonio Pellegrino
Antonio Pellegrino

Founder & CEO @ Mutable

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