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Use Status Hero together with Microsoft Teams

When you connect your Status Hero team to a channel in Microsoft Teams, the friendly Status Hero bot will take care of checking in your team and collecting daily goals. (You can always tweak reminder times, time zones, check-in questions, frequency, and other settings.) Whenever someone on your team checks in, their update is neatly formatted and broadcast to the channel and team of your choice in Microsoft Teams. Blocking issues are highlighted in red so you can jump right on them. Status Hero will automatically fold in activity from other tools that are hooked up to Status Hero, like Jira or Github. A check-in summary is also delivered to your selected channel, along with the necessary links to drill down into individual goals, activity, and productivity metrics. A convenient `checkin` command is available to everyone on the team. They can use it to check in at any time or to see a summary of updates and metrics from the whole team.

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Start a free trial  

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