The Field Guide to Leading Teams

06/26They can only be engaged as you are.

In the service industry there’s this concept: Your frontline staff can never provide a greater level of customer service than they’ve been provided as an employee. The same goes for engagement on knowledge teams.

If you’re checked out by 2PM on a Thursday for a round of golf it’s impossible for your team to bust their backs to get some new initiative done. If you’re not using the tools you’ve laid out for your team to use like daily check-in software it’s unreasonable to expect your team to do the same.

Buck up and walk the talk. Use the tools the same way you’d like them to be used by your team. You’re not above the processes you set – you’re at the center of them.

Best Practices

  • Your team will take their cues from you - demonstrate the behavior you want.
  • Share your goals and check in alongside your team. Help them understand what you’re doing and you’ll increase transparency and psychological safety on the team.
  • Engage with your team's daily check-ins. Connect team members that are working on similar items, react and comment as appropriate. Be the role model for the behavior you want out of your team.