The Field Guide to Leading Teams

07/26Bossware is both evil and ineffective.

There’s a trend growing mostly at large companies that will have an enormous backlash: bossware tools. These are keyloggers, periodic screen captures, mouse trackers – you know the sort. Lazy evil. These Big Brother tools may increase the appearance of busyness in the short term but will destroy the morale of your team quickly.

Odds are you’re not reading this if you’re using this stuff, but just to put the idea to bed: Orgs using these tools will be talent ghost towns in short order. Run far, far away both as a leader and as a contributor.

Note: No matter the ethics of any tool there’s also a general disdain for tools that are foisted on to team members without consideration. Be careful: the way you roll stuff out can send the wrong signal.

Best Practices

  • If you are the decisionmaker for tools, gather input, note objections, and only then roll out new tools as trials. Keep listening.
  • With Status Hero, make sure the team understands what they get out of it: transparency, avoiding duplicate work, less time in meetings, and blockers surfaced and cleared.