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“Nudge and Inspire” is way cooler than “Command and Control”

As a team lead you have two primary tools at your disposal: nudge our teammates towards the direction you’d like to go and inspire through your actions by setting a proper example yourself.

Nudging is best done gently and with care. Listen to what your team is saying, make thoughtful suggestions on where they should expend effort, and monitor the results of their work. If you’re not going where you need to go, make small course corrections to get a big impact over time. Nobody likes a hamfist.

While nudging is sometimes necessary you can usually avoid the need by first inspiring in your teammates the kind of behavior you wish to see. If you’d like people to be on time, be the first one at the meeting. Your teammates cannot raise above the example that you set for them, so start by setting a high bar.

Lead by example. Take ownership of issues, stay humble.

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