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The Field Guide to

Leading Teams

A handy reference for aligning people and making steady progress.

  1. Start at the Beginning
  2. They are not robots.
  3. Without trust you have literally nothing.
  4. Transparency should reveal everything - not just what’s convenient.
  5. Share the why. Then share it again.
  6. “Nudge and Inspire” is way cooler than “Command and Control”
  7. They can only be engaged as you are.
  8. Bossware is both evil and ineffective.
  9. Too much automation sucks.
  10. Data-driven only works with the right data.
  11. Be the blocker bulldozer.
  12. Don’t confuse goals and tasks.
  13. One goal per day is enough.
  14. Goals should be missed (sometimes)
  15. Only the ones who do the work know how long it will take.
  16. We really mean one goal. That includes the org.
  17. Optimize for energy, not time.
  18. Notifications are high-interest debt.
  19. Don’t kill your daily standup.
  20. A short check-in is a good sign.
  21. Mind the mood - even at work.
  22. Remote work amplifies communication issues.
  23. Meetings are awful. Meetings are great.
  24. Fight the fire today – but don’t forget the long game.
  25. The only solution for burnout is a total break.
  26. Remember why you’re here.
  27. Recommended Reading
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