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The Mafia, OKRs, and a $5K expense

January 14th, 2021

by Henry Poydar

in Newsletter

Hi friend and happy Friday!

Here’s what I’m chewing on this (cold!) morning:

Use OKRs to Set Goals for Teams, Not Individuals Implementing an OKR strategy is hard, so I like to absorb new perspectives on the subject whenever I can. Here Jeff Gothelf of Lean UX fame explains that individual OKRs are more effective when directly mapped to team goals and value creation for customers.

What Can Business Leaders Learn From Biker Gangs, Drug Cartels & Mobsters? I’ve always found mob stories and movies intriguing, so this caught my eye: a former colleague of mine, Daniel Forrester, has co-authored a new book where he extracts leadership lessons from the economics of organized crime. Generally I don’t plug books here, but I’m looking forward to picking this one up.

What Will Replace the Desk? You’ve likely seen a wide variety of WFH setups this year, but here’s a glimpse of the bleeding edge, including a $5K reclining desk and a portable outdoor workspace. Should make for interesting expense reports.

Have a great weekend!


Photo: Altwork

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