Status Hero featured in the new Slack App Directory

The folks at Slack have been pretty busy lately. In addition to adding a slew of new features, they’ve revamped their APIs and launched a brand new application directory.

Since Status Hero is tightly integrated with existing team communication tools and platforms like Slack, last month we dove straight in to take advantage of the new APIs and tied Slack into Status Hero in a new and improved way.

If your team is using both Status Hero and Slack, you can use the ‘/checkin’ command to update statuses and get a quick readout of who’s reporting blocking issues. In addition, you can configure the @statushero bot to prompt your team with check-in reminders in addition to (or instead of) email or SMS. As always, Status Hero will archive check-ins, format them, and broadcast them to the #channel of your choice.

The best part is you can enable all of this with a click of a button and it all just works - no more complicated cutting and pasting of tokens. Yay!

As one of the first round of apps to use the new APIs, Slack has added Status Hero to their application directory. Thanks, Slack!

One of our side projects, Slash TZ, is also in the Slack application directory. Double thanks, Slack.

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