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Status Hero Product Updates

  • Announcing: Our New Google Calendar Integration

    Announcing: Our New Google Calendar Integration

    Use our Google Calendar integration to easily share your meeting activity Read more >

  • Case Study: JouwWeb

    Case Study: JouwWeb

    JouwWeb is a free and easy website creation and hosting platform that makes it possible for anyone to have a professional website. Read more >

  • Use Mood Tracking to Increase Team Empathy

    Use Mood Tracking to Increase Team Empathy

    Use Mood Tracking to increase empathy, understanding, and to spark important conversations within your team. Read more >

  • Status Badges for Your Team Dashboard

    Status Badges for Your Team Dashboard

    Status badges aren't just for repo READMEs. Add badges to your team's dashboard for real-time updates from your critical systems. Read more >

  • Supercharge Your Team’s Check-Ins with Zapier

    Supercharge Your Team’s Check-Ins with Zapier

    Use our new Zapier integration to connect Status Hero with thousands of apps and tools your team uses everyday. Read more >

  • Case Study: CodersRank

    Case Study: CodersRank

    CodersRank analyzes public data from sources like Github and Stack Overflow so you can see how you stack up against software developers across the world. Read more >

  • Case Study: Interview Cake

    Case Study: Interview Cake

    Interview Cake is a study tool that preps software engineering candidates for programming interviews. Read more >

  • More Product Updates

    More Product Updates

    It’s been a while (too long!) since we gave you an update about all of the work we’ve been doing at Status Hero to improve the way your team works. We’re sorry about that we’ll do a better job at keeping you up-to-date in the... Read more >

  • How App Developers at Messapps use Status Hero

    How App Developers at Messapps use Status Hero

    Editor’s note: this is a guest post from Vasily Malyshev, founder and CEO of Messapps, an app development firm headquartered in New York City with remote team members scattered across the globe. The firm’s mascot is named ‘Messy.’ As CEO at Messapps, an app development... Read more >

  • Best Practices Guide

    Best Practices Guide

    We get asked all the time about how we use Status Hero and how other teams are using it successfully. So we buckled down and wrote a brief, easy-to-digest Best Practices Guide. We assembled the guide from decades of combined software delivery experience plus lessons... Read more >

  • Gmail Inbox Actions

    Gmail Inbox Actions

    If you’re a Gmail or Google apps user, we’ve made it just a little easier to check-in with your team by enabling Gmail Inbox Actions. Now you can click or tap through to check in right from your inbox - no need to even open... Read more >

  • Product Updates Wrap-up

    Product Updates Wrap-up

    It’s been a while since we let you know about all of the work that we’ve been doing at Status Hero to give you the best possible tool for helping you manage your team by killing meetings, tracking daily goals, and resolving blocking issues. Sorry... Read more >

  • Cisco Spark-ilicious

    Cisco Spark-ilicious

    Yesterday, Rowan Trollope and the collaboration team at Cisco announced several new enhancements to their suite of enterprise tools at the Cisco Partner Summit. Chief among them was the release of the Spark Depot, a library of bots and integrations that work with Cisco’s Spark... Read more >

  • Halp!


    Today we’re launching the Status Hero Help Center. There are links to it sprinkled throughout the app, but here is the direct link: https://statushero.com/help In it you’ll find quick answers to any questions you may have along with tips for getting the most out of... Read more >

  • Resend Check-in Reminders

    Resend Check-in Reminders

    Distractions and notifications are everywhere, so it’s understandable that one of your team members might forget to check in every once in a while. Now we’ve added a way to give them another gentle nudge. To use this new feature, just hit the “Resend Reminder”... Read more >

  • Add Reactions to Check-ins

    Add Reactions to Check-ins

    Now there is a new way for you and your team to quickly add feedback to each other’s check-ins: reactions. By now, most of you are familiar with this kind of functionality, which is ubiquitous in social media apps, and now can be found in... Read more >

  • Status Hero featured in the new Slack App Directory

    Status Hero featured in the new Slack App Directory

    The folks at Slack have been pretty busy lately. In addition to adding a slew of new features, they’ve revamped their APIs and launched a brand new application directory. Since Status Hero is tightly integrated with existing team communication tools and platforms like Slack, last... Read more >

  • Enterprise-grade Security? Check.

    Enterprise-grade Security? Check.

    We recognize that your team’s check-ins may contain very sensitive information, so we’ve taken lots of extra precautions to protect this data. Obviously we can’t fully disclose all the details, but a good overview can be found here on our security page. Today we’re pleased... Read more >

  • Introducing

    Introducing "Observer" Mode

    Want to give a project stakeholder or part-time team member access to your team’s check-ins without requiring them to check-in too? You aren’t alone, so today we are releasing the previously experimental “observer mode” feature to all accounts. Here’s how it works: team administrators can... Read more >

  • Status Hero: Out of Beta, into Primetime

    Status Hero: Out of Beta, into Primetime

    Today we’re pleased to announce that Status Hero is out of private beta and available to all! Many thanks to our beta teams (you know who you are!) for the bug reports, suggestions and critical feedback. If you are running a project team and would... Read more >

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