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Autocomplete anything!

Press the pound (#) key in the check-in form to auto-magically title-ize and deep link Github PRs, Jira tickets, or whatever tools your team uses.

August 3rd, 2022

by Henry Poydar

in Product Updates

At Status Hero, we ship lots of incremental changes each week, but we ship these updates silently. Most of the time, the changes are pretty obvious anyway. Things just work, no fanfare necessary.

But a couple of weeks ago, we added a bigger feature: the ability to autocomplete anything in the check-in form (yes, anything) and I thought, “How are our customers going to find this if I don’t share it with them?"


Autocompleting anything in Status Hero

Here’s how it works: when you hit the # key in the check-in form, a list of past team activities, hashtags, and other items will pop-up. Pick the one you want, and Status Hero will auto-magically title-ize and deep link it to the source of the activity, like a GitHub PR, Jira issue, or Asana task.

(Sadly we can’t reach into Slack and make it work with their form fields. If that’s how you check-in, you’ll need to use the web form for this.)

Of course, we use Status Hero every day for our team, and this change has been a huge win for us by adding context to check-ins, especially with Linear issues and GitHub PRs.

Feedback or questions welcome!

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