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Status Hero: Out of Beta, into Primetime

Product Updates

Status Hero: Out of Beta, into Primetime

Today weโ€™re pleased to announce that Status Hero is out of private beta and available to all! Many thanks to our beta teams (you know who you are!) for the bug reports, suggestions and critical feedback. If you are running a project team and would... Read more >

The Story Behind Status Hero

Product Updates

The Story Behind Status Hero

Frustrated by too many notifications, meetings, and time zone differences, we iterated through solutions until we built our own: a platform for transparency, team communication, and cutting through the noise with minimal interruption. Read more >

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Henry Poydar, Founder of Status Hero

Henry Poydar
Founder of Status Hero

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Status Hero is a work communication tool that replaces time-consuming meetings, shoulder taps, digging for data, and other interruptions with a tidy report. Use it to get a continuous, clear understanding of accomplishments, intentions, and blockers across your organization.

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