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Status Updates

Dispatches from the front lines of modern work

The black box

A metaphor for the importance of communicating intent.

Adam StoddardProductivity

Outsourced Mind

Outsourcing your writing to AI is brilliant -- until it isn't.

Andy DidorosiPeople & Culture

Don’t go chasing Waterfall

Two principles that'll help you build better software, faster.

Adam StoddardDesign

The Paradox of Miserable Data

Common sense tells us we should manage from data -- so why are all of us so miserable?

Andy DidorosiProductivity

Making off-brand, on-brand

A quick example of how you can use a “brand lens” to create on-brand design from off-brand material.

Adam StoddardDesign

What an AI researcher taught me about defeating professional depression

Neither robot nor researcher is immune to the professional blues - so let's fix it.

Andy DidorosiPeople & Culture

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