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Dispatches from the front lines of modern work

Using Kanban in Software Development

If you’re looking to get started with applying a project management methodology to your workflow, Kanban might be just what you need. It’s relatively easy to…

Keanan KoppenhaverProductivity & Estimation

Understanding the Agile Triangle’s Role in Product Development

Learn how the agile triangle helps teams better manage the quality, value, and constraints of their projects.

Rabo James BatureProductivity & Estimation

Agile Engineering Best Practices

Agile engineering preaches being efficient and responsive to change in order to develop the best product. Learn its best practices and how they can enable yo…

Alexander YuProductivity & Estimation

Engineering Estimates

Learn about story point estimation, the problems it solves compared to time-based estimation, and how best to implement it with your team.

Michael NyamandeProductivity & Estimation

How and Why a Co-Located Team Can Work

Co-location is optimal for agile working, making it easy to be creative, think together, and use visualizations to align on the same goal. With almost no bar…

Sabine WojcieszakNewsletter

Team Development Tips for Engineering and Product Leaders

Leaders must strive to build a team where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but despite the importance of team building and development, not ma…

Sundeep TekiLeadership & Management

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