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Status Updates

Dispatches from the front lines of modern work

Building Company Culture for Remote and Hybrid Teams

If you’ve got a company, you’ve got a culture. Investing in your culture for your remote team is just as important as if you all worked in an office. Here’s …

Lisa ShawPeople & Culture

Tips for Structuring a Hybrid Remote Team

Some companies are fighting remote because they don’t get it yet. Here are some tips to make it easier on you and your team.

Lisa ShawTeam Communication , Leadership & Management

Bossware, Trust, and “Productivity” Scores

At Status Hero, we’re building the opposite of bossware.

Henry PoydarNewsletter

What is this thing?

Turn the engagement level of your team meeting up a notch

Henry PoydarNewsletter

Autocomplete anything!

Press the pound (#) key in the check-in form to auto-magically title-ize and deep link Github PRs, Jira tickets, or whatever tools your team uses.

Henry PoydarProduct Updates

Scrum Tools and Best Practices

Scrum is a simple framework, but it takes deliberate practice and motivation to master it. Learn which tools make it easy to implement with your team.

Aditya KulkarniProductivity & Estimation

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