Better Pricing, Starting Next Month

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Better Pricing, Starting Next Month

We’ve gotten quite a lot of feedback about our per-team pricing model over the last few months. In a nutshell, the model is not ideal for organizations that have multiple teams, especially teams that organize themselves around shorter-term, often overlapping projects. So we’ve decided to fix that.

Currently, each team on Status Hero has it’s own subscription and billing cycle, even if teams happen to share billing information. People can belong to multiple teams, but it’s cumbersome for managers to, for example, move someone from one team to another.

The per-team model also hurts smaller teams of 4-5 people, who are now paying the same price of much larger teams of 10 or more.

To fix this, next month we will shift to a new, per-user pricing model.

Under the new model, it will be easy to manage multiple teams and team members under a central account umbrella. Teams can be spun up or down with just a couple clicks, and check-in history and metrics are preserved for inactive teams.

You’ll only pay for each active user once, no matter how many teams they’re on. It will be a snap to move someone from one team to another, or to choose members from other teams when creating a new one. When someone is not active on any team, you’ll still be able to drill into their check-in history and metrics, even though you won’t be paying for them.

Per-user pricing is also far more equitable for smaller, single-team organizations or start-ups, who will only pay for the team members they have rather than full-team rates.

We expect prices to start around $3 a user per month.

As always, feedback welcome!

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