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April 8th, 2021

by Henry Poydar

in Newsletter

Good morning and TGIF!

A couple of decades ago, I was lucky enough to study mechanical engineering at a prestigious university. Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest fields of engineering, covering physics, thermodynamics, and electricity. A rocket scientist is a mechanical engineer.

The most significant benefit of my engineering education was the personal development of a system for self-learning and re-learning. Because building such a system is the only way to keep up with and apply such a wide swath of knowledge.

Generally, engineering is about breaking up complex problems into simple problems, then solving them individually. Fundamentally, that’s how a self-learning mechanism operates too.

So I naturally gravitate to and share articles, books, and videos that take this approach to a complex subject.  And the recommendation I have today is a fun read called Code, by Charles Petzold.

In Code, the author starts with smoke signals and morse code to eventually fully explain how the software and hardware work in a modern computer.

I recommend it to anyone that relies on a computer. (So everyone.) Even if you understand exactly how all aspects of a computer works, you’ll find engaging ways to explain it to others in Code.

Have a great weekend,

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