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Status Updates

Dispatches from the front lines of modern work

Cross-team goals

New; keep multiple teams and entire companies aligned, with cross-team goals.

Adam StoddardProduct Updates

More goals for more people in more places

This release includes deeper goal nesting, goal contributors, goals on profiles, and inline goal updates.

Adam StoddardProduct Updates

Share one check-in with multiple teams

This release delivers one of our most popular feature requests; checking into multiple teams with a single check-in.

Adam StoddardProduct Updates

An all new Check-in dashboard

This release includes an all new Check-in dashboard, and updates to Reports, Insights, and profiles.

Adam StoddardProduct Updates

Setting the stage for Status Hero 2.0

This release makes managing your account faster and easier, and unlocks exciting new features that we’re working on now.

Adam StoddardProduct Updates

Apple's Vision Pro, Anthropology, and Modern Work

While Apple's headset may not be suitable for in-person social interactions, it has lots of potential in the modern workplace.

Henry PoydarPeople & Culture , Newsletter , Team Communication

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