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Here's the thing: you need a daily big picture of what's going on, and so does the rest of your team.

Each day, teams move mountains of data around to track and manage all of the stuff that they're trying to accomplish: tickets, pull requests, issues, commit messages, code diffs, documentation, bug reports, task lists, story cards, etc.

And each of those data points bounce around in various communication channels: email, chat, SMS, meetings, phone calls, stop-and-talks, video calls, etc.

Getting an overall big picture of what and how your team is doing is nearly impossible to distill from all of that data rattling around all of those channels. It's just too noisy.

Daily stand-up meetings go a long way towards solving the problem, but as soon as the meeting is over, the updates disappear and are difficult to recall later when you need them. Have a remote team spanning multiple time zones? Harder still - now you have to deal with a scheduling and tech hassle too.

We set out to fix all that with Status Hero. It's simple: we collect a couple of update sentences from each person on your team, format it into a minimal report, and ship all of it back to you and your team. We use your existing communication channels to do it (email, Slack, SMS, etc) so no one on your team has to login to anything or install yet another app.

Status Hero is developed, operated and used heavily by the nerds at 8012 Labs. We built it because we needed it. We're based in Brooklyn, New York, with remote team members scattered across the U.S. and Europe.

We love feedback and we want to constantly improve Status Hero. Please do not hesitate to send us your thoughts.


The Status Hero Team